In the beginning

My name is Emily and I love photography. I've been taking pictures since 2004 and have truly enjoyed every minute of it. There's no exciting story about how I received my first brownie camera when I was 2 and was developing my own film when I was 4. Nope, nothing like that. In fact, I bought my own first camera (Canon SII SLR) and it came from eBay for $100. I signed up for my first photography class and was sold. I knew immediately that I wanted to take this as far as I possibly could.

In addition to classes, I absorb myself in the Photo.Net forum and I try to assist professional photographers whenever possible. If you're also a photographer I highly recommend this site. But anyway, I decided to start this photo blog for two reasons. 1) It's inevitable that i'll have a photo blog since it seems to be expected of photographers these days. 2) I've tried having a regular blog and I just didn't have the words to write. This time my photos will be my words.

I hope that everyone enjoys my pictures and leaves comments. I'm always looking for words of encouragement and constructive criticism. For this post there will be no pictures (oddly enough), but instead a couple of links to my existing pictures.


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aerorunnergirl said...

I can't wait to see pictures begin to appear here! I'm a huge fan of your photos, and I can't wait to see more!