Baby Finn

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing 10 week old Baby Finn. He's a handsome little guy and he let me hold him while he dozed off to sleep. It really brought back memories from only 10 months ago. My sister Shelly assisted me with the shoot and she was such a HUGE help. First off, she's got lots of creativity that certainly came in handy when trying to pose the little guy, and she handed me my lenses when I was switching them out, which saved me so much time. I hate switching lenses :(

Finn's nursery is decorated with the Mickey Mouse gang (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto) and was quite colorful. Overall, I think the shoot was a success. Hopefully, Finn's parents like the photos as much as me and Shelly.


This image has a texture applied to it. It was very appropriate for Finn. This is my first attempt at using textures, but hopefully more will come.

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Beautiful pics.