A Family Photo Shoot

This past week I was in Newbern, TN again visiting my parents. I had scheduled a family photo session with an old high school friend while in town. We met up on Saturday at the elementary school playground where I grew up. It really brought back some old memories. Of course most of the things on the playground were very much updated. They had those weird black chips of whatever it is to help break the fall for the kiddies. Not in our day. When you fell off the monkey bars you probably knocked the breath out of you. Anyway, on to the photo shoot. Teresa has a beautiful family (a hubby and 4 little ones) and it was a lot of fun taking their photos. I must say though that it was some real good practice since the photos were taken at 2pm which is a total photography no-no, and the wind was a blowin'. I figured I'd come away with a few good pictures, but I was surprised to see more good ones than I expected. Below are some of my favorites from the session.


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beautiful,and wonderfull pictures.