Playing with Light

This morning I was sitting at my computer and Esmé was sitting on the floor playing with some toys. I looked over and this awesome ray of sun was shining through the window and right on her. I had to take some pictures. Of course when I grabbed the camera she no longer wanted to sit still. I guess that's the life of a 9 month old. If you look closely (you don't have to look that close) you'll see a 'prop' that will be used in some upcoming pictures. Stay tuned for that Easter post.


aerorunnergirl said...

She's just growing too fast. Enough now!

kristi_b said...

Does this baby ever stop being cute?! Almost makes me want one. Almost. :)

You look great in your pic at the top of this page, too!!

the pessimistic optimist said...

i just want to squeeze her!! she is sooo cute!