Tea Party

On Saturday, we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday by going to The Savannah Tea Company. It was so much fun and just plain neat. You get to pick out your tea and then choose your tea cup and saucer from a selection on a shelf. I chose Strawberry Shortcake (mmmmm). Some other selections were Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Caramel Cherry Cheesecake. You get a whole pot to yourself! Needless to say we all tried each other's. Whilst sipping on your tea you get a scone, muffin, cup of soup, and quiche. Then they bring out a tray full of 'tea style finger stuff'. Just when you think it's over, you get raspberry sorbet. In the end we ventured into a room with all sorts of hats hanging on the walls. You can see the fun we had with those.

Oh, they do wedding cakes too apparently. I snagged a few pics of those as well. So, if you're in Nashville you should certainly visit this place. I plan on going back again soon.


kristi_b said...

That looks like so much fun! A girl in my office was just telling me the other day about going to a tea room in Knoxville that sounded similar. I may have to try it out!

...and the girls are adorable in those hats.

aerorunnergirl said...

This does sound like fun! We have a tea house in Boulder, and it's great. Though it doesn't sound quite as fancy as this one!