I recently became a member of WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Out of all the professional organizations this seemed to be the best fit for me. You can see what it's all about here: WPPI

Actually, I'm still trying to figure out what it's all about. On their site it's hard to find all the good resources they're supposed to have. I guess I'm just overlooking something. Anyway, on a side note I had a mini-interview today with Krista Lee of Krista Lee Photography. She's a very sweet gal with a nice studio. I was looking to work for her for a little while, but unfortunately our schedules don't match. I will hopefully be shadowing her on some weddings and on some studio shoots that do work with my schedule. Also, I am going to assist Krystal Mann of Mint and Sage Photography for a wedding on May 3rd. Hopefully I will be assisting/shadowing her more in the future.

My photography schedule has gotten busy in a matter of a few days. My husband scored me two photo sessions with two of his co-workers, and I'll be taking photos of a friend, etc. Here's the breakdown so far:

March 8 or 9 - The Martin Family (Easter pics)
March 15/16 - The Wood Family (family pics) and the Anderson girls (Bridal portrait and regular portrait)
March 21 or 22 - Hopefully another portrait session w/ Kristy
Spring - Nelson Family portraits
May 3 - Mint and Sage wedding
May ? - Ellis Engagement session
May 12 - Photography workshop
Oct 18 - Ellis wedding

SO! I'm a busy bee sort of. No pictures really relate to this post so I'm posting a few of Esmé's bedhead.

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