2 year olds never stop moving...

On Sunday I took pictures of a friend's family. They're morning people so I arrived at their house at 8am. This was my first time shooting in the morning and it was great! I can't say it was super easy getting up early since I didn't get home until 11:30 the night before. I had the opportunity of assisting Michael Howard (of Michael Howard Photography) for a wedding. Not to get too side tracked here, but I learned a great deal just from carrying his camera bag, helping him switch lenses, and sticking by the light stand during the reception. If you're an aspiring photographer you can't afford NOT to assist whenever possible.

Anywho, I had a great time taking pictures on Sunday and got more practice dealing with photographing small children. One of the things I'm really trying to work on is engaging the client; what to say and do to get the most out of the photo session. I'm reading up on that stuff and hopefully will only get better with more practice.

Enjoy the pictures and again if you're reading this and have some constructive criticism, please leave it.

Magazine subscriptions galore!

So, I realized that I needed to blog, but didn't really have anything great to blog about. I decided to post a few pictures of Esmé and a picture of all the magazines that I'm behind on reading. That picture doesn't even show all of them! My mother-in-law decided to sign me up for Vogue again after seeing that I was subscribed to Elle. The Elle subscription finally ran out. She then signed me up for Parents magazine, which I was quite excited about. I also subscribe to Rangefinder and Aperture (I've yet to receive my first copy!).

Vogue figured that one magazine was not enough what with all the free time I must have *cough*. They decided to bundle Vogue Living! AND Portfolio! Sheesh Vogue. If this wasn't enough to put me behind, last month I decided to buy Modern Bride and two other regional bridal magazines to scope out the photographs of local wedding photographers. I like to tear out pages from my Vogue magazine for ideas on photographs and collect them in a 3-ring binder, so I did the same thing with the Modern Bride. Good times.

She's discovered a cat toy.
And now she's lost the toy under the sofa.

Practice in the sun with Esme

The other day, Esme and I went outside around 10:30AM to take some pictures on a blanket in the back yard. I wanted to do some practicing with the sun and proper exposure. Also, I was practicing with the different metering modes of the in-camera meter to find which one works best in different situations. I'd like to get an incident meter soon, but like everything else with photography it isn't cheap.

Enjoy the pictures and please leave some critiques where needed! Thanks!

Here she was looking for a plastic egg in the grass. Needless to say, our grass is in severe need of mowing!

This picture pretty much sums up our practice sessions - Esme always on the move and never sitting still long enough.

Seminars! Yay!

In May and June I'll be attending two different photography seminars: Captivated by the Light on May 12 with Ed Pierce and the Bellies & Babies Tour on June 13 with Sandy Puc in Memphis. I'm wondering how much I'll really get from the Ed Pierce seminar since I've been reading some negative reviews in the DWF forum. Some say that it's just one big product pitch. I shall see and report back to you. If anyone out there would like to share their experience, please do! I've heard GREAT things about the Bellies & Babies seminar. It sounds like fun from the title alone. Anyone have any experience with this one?

In other news, I'll be shadowing Krystal Mann from Mint & Sage Photography on an engagement session on April 18th and I'm super excited!!! I have to say that even though I have not met with Krystal yet she MUST be a fabulous gal for being so helpful and generous when it comes to letting me tag along on some of her jobs. I'm finding that a lot of professional photographers aren't as open to aspiring photogs such as myself. Professional photographers all recommend that newcomers assist for a while before starting a business. Well, that would be great if said photographers would actually let you assist! So to find Krystal so welcoming has been a breath of fresh air in the struggle to gain proper experience.

I went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens on Saturday since this weekend was free for everybody. Little did we know that most of the gardens weren't stroller accessible. I did however scope out the Japanese Garden since that is where I'll be photographing a wedding in October. The garden is beautiful! I'm very excited to take pictures there.

The pictures below are some that I took today of some tree that's blooming these days, and some other random shots. It's such a cool looking tree, it's a shame I don't know the name of it. Kristi? Help me out here.

Below there's a ladybuy hiding on the stem. I thought 7 year olds were difficult to photograph, but they have nothing on ladybugs, the stubborn things.


Well, I know I said I was going to post this tomorrow, but I never know when I'll get a chance to really sit down and post during the day with taking care of a 10 month old and all. So here they are tonight. These pictures were taken with one person in mind and I've yet to send them to this person (I'm awful and mostly lazy). I'm sure she knows who she is, considering this is her favorite flower. I had some more fun with textures. I really like the look they give, but like selective coloring and other Photoshop tricks, you don't need too many images done this way ( I think).


Random Flowers

I've had some pictures of flowers from my mother's garden for some time now and I'm finally getting around to posting them. I'm not a flower enthusiast so I cannot tell you what any of these flowers are. I know that one of them is a weed and not so much a flower I guess, but regardless, I thought it was pretty. I'll be posting some more pictures tomorrow of another flower so stay tuned.

The picture below is apparently 'The Weeds'.

These images are the © of Emily.