Magazine subscriptions galore!

So, I realized that I needed to blog, but didn't really have anything great to blog about. I decided to post a few pictures of Esmé and a picture of all the magazines that I'm behind on reading. That picture doesn't even show all of them! My mother-in-law decided to sign me up for Vogue again after seeing that I was subscribed to Elle. The Elle subscription finally ran out. She then signed me up for Parents magazine, which I was quite excited about. I also subscribe to Rangefinder and Aperture (I've yet to receive my first copy!).

Vogue figured that one magazine was not enough what with all the free time I must have *cough*. They decided to bundle Vogue Living! AND Portfolio! Sheesh Vogue. If this wasn't enough to put me behind, last month I decided to buy Modern Bride and two other regional bridal magazines to scope out the photographs of local wedding photographers. I like to tear out pages from my Vogue magazine for ideas on photographs and collect them in a 3-ring binder, so I did the same thing with the Modern Bride. Good times.

She's discovered a cat toy.
And now she's lost the toy under the sofa.

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Anonymous said...

she is sooooo cute Em, and got to
be more curious by the day.