Esmé in Jacket

The last picture was too cute not to post. When she made that face I knew it was time to shutdown the camera.

Wedding Shadower

So, a couple of Saturday's ago I shadowed Krystal Mann from Mint and Sage Photography at a wedding. Krystal was so nice and very giving of her knowledge. I also met her assistant Andrea who was just as sweet and made me feel very welcome while hanging out with them for the night. If you girls happen to read this, Thanks!! I hope to be shadowing you again very soon.


Lunch Time

Meal time is always a messy adventure these days. We've resorted to stripping Esmé down to her diaper and pinning a large beach towel around her to keep the mess to a minimum. Somehow I still manage to find baby Goldfish on the far side of the room during cleanup.

Dress from Oma

These pictures were taken several weeks ago, but I just got around to posting them. Esmé is wearing a very cute dress that her Oma bought her. Her Oma has good taste :) Pay no attention to the overgrown grass that was as tall as she was!

Pictures at the Park

It's been some time since I've posted, but I just haven't gotten around to editing pictures I've taken of Esmé lately. I will do that very very soon.

On Monday afternoon I took pictures for an old high school friend of mine. I haven't seen this friend in 8 or 9 years. She has 3 children now and wanted to get their photos taken. I was back home for a few days and we met up at the local park. I had a great time taking their photos and hopefully they really liked them.