Baby the Cat

It has been about two months now since we first received the news that our cat Baby has diabetes. It was a sad day for us, but we never knew that the first diagnosis would lead to another diagnosis of cancer. When Baby was diagnosed with diabetes I noticed his breathing wasn't right. I had the doctor check on that and they took an x-ray and said that it was either a lung infection or something worse. We were ordered to give him antibiotics twice a day for the next month to see if it cleared up. The only thing that happened was his lung got small enough that the doctor was able to see his heart and unfortunately it was enlarged. There was no infection, only cancer. Baby doesn't have much longer to live and we're heartbroken. He has always been a lover and the sweetest cat you'll ever meet. Whenever strangers (cable guy, etc) come into the house he's the first one there to rub on their legs and feet. He's so trusting of everyone. Whenever there are small children around he lets them carry him around like a rag doll never making a fuss. He loved his food until recently. I remember a time when Randy and I were eating pizza and Randy tried to be nice and offer Baby a slice of pepperoni. Instead Baby snatched the entire slice and went running down the hallway.

Each night he would chase his treat around the kitchen before finally eating it. He would grab mouthfuls of food and drop it into his water bowl and then fish each piece out. Every morning he'd be at the faucet of the tub waiting for one of us to turn on the water for him. He feels so rotten he doesn't do any of these things now.

He will always be remembered as one of the most affectionate and playful cats I've ever had the joy of living with.

It's the reverse mohawk again! We did this again this summer for two reasons: it's cool and it makes giving him his insulin shots much easier.

In action dining on the lovely grass!

Is that a critter I hear?

Baby decided that our little photo shoot was over.


kristi_b said...

Oh, Emily - I'm so sorry to hear this! Lots of sad pet stories lately - one of my friends here in town just had to have her dog put down on Sunday (also because of cancer). Makes me want to love and hug on Cleo all the time, although she would probably not like it - she's not a lover like Baby.

At least you will have some beautiful pictures and memories of him.

aerorunnergirl said...

Emily- I am so so sorry to hear about Baby. He is such an adorable little lover. I hope he's not in a lot of pain and you guys can have the time you need to say goodbye to him. You've all been lucky to have Baby, but he's been lucky to have you all, too. If ever a pet knew he was loved, it's Baby.