There it was, sitting on the bathroom counter with a fragrance that filled the entire hotel room. It was a scent that I had never smelled before and it was wonderful. As I stood in the Mandalay Bay hotel room bathroom I knew I was in love. I quickly devoured the Bulgari soap, shampoo, and shower gel. The next day, like magic, there were more Bulgari soaps on the counter. Each day they arrived I quickly stored them in my suitcase and hoped that the maid would not discover my stash. I was saddened to find out much later after using up all of my hotel samples that Bulgari soap was NOT cheap. So now I occasionally receive Bulgari soaps as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. The new Bulgari items below were a gift from my father-in-law and I'm so thankful. Everytime I get Bulgari soap I'm carried away back to Vegas.

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