The Mintastic Experience

On Saturday I had the great joy of being part of a workshop provided by Krystal Mann at Mint & Sage Photography. Me and a few other photographers joined Krystal to shoot and learn side by side with her during an actual real-life wedding! It was great. Afterwards, we all went back to her new studio to learn and discuss her post-processing and workflow. It was a great day and I learned a lot, but boy was I pooped at the end of the day. The night lasted well past my bedtime and 5:30AM Sunday came upon me very fast. Esmé cared nothing of my late night photofest and had no sympathy on me. Ah well. Anyway! Below are many pictures from the wedding. There are two images that show the Bride & Groom performing a 'feet washing'. It was very moving to see. Enjoy! As usual, please leave comments and constructive criticism. -Emily


kristi_b said...

Very nice, Em! I especially like the ones near the end, shot from behind, where he's got his arm around her and you can see the new wedding ring - so sweet!

aerorunnergirl said...

Oooh! These pictures are great, Emily! This looks like a really fun wedding and they're an adorable couple. As always, the pictures are gorgeous!