Miscellaneous things...

It has been a while since I've posted anything. I feel like I've been real busy, but at the same time I can't think of anything super significant that I've done. I will be posting some pictures of Esmé very soon. Also, I am doing a couple of faux bridal shoots this weekend that I'm very excited about. On Saturday I will also be taking new 6 month photos of Finn. He's sitting up now so these photos will be super adorable.

On a sad note, our kitty Caroline passed away on the 26th of July, only 19 days after Baby passed. She had a blood clot from her heart move down to her legs and she went into congestive heart failure. It turns out she had heart disease. I've always heard of animals passing shortly after their owners pass or elderly husbands and wives doing the same. I didn't really think that would happen with Caroline. I'm sure it's all coincidental, but I sure wonder. She was a great cat to have around. She was everything that Baby wasn't and Baby was everything that Caroline wasn't. They were an awesome pair and I miss them everyday. It's all of the little things throughout the day that remind me of their absence.

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