Danielle Downtown

Today I'm posting some images from my shoot with Danielle a couple of Sundays ago. We headed downtown with her husband Chris and makeup artist Sarah. A good time was had by all.... I think. Sarah probably worked a little harder than she expected. I hope she'll be happy with the results though. :) Thanks again Danielle and Chris for sharing your Sunday night with me and my camera :)

The Complete Tristin

So, as I mentioned before, I got together with Tristin on Monday night and took lots o' pictures. She was very fun to work with and she's gorgeous so that made my job much easier! My good friend Amanda was my assistant for the night. She took a night away from her family to come help me out and I can't thank her enough. Anyway, on to the photos! Real quick, here's a better link to find out more about Tristin and her music.

Selena & Jeremiah

As mentioned before, my wonderful and most amazing friend, Selena, is engaged!!! I should also mention that she's engaged to a great guy, Jeremiah. While visiting their beautiful state of Colorado I had the great opportunity of capturing the proposal on camera. I had an idea that Jeremiah might propose while we were shooting at Red Rocks when I moved his jacket around and felt a small square box in his pocket. Sneaky Jeremiah! When he decided that he wanted to put his jacket back on (in perfectly fine weather) I realized that this was probably the moment. I conveniently let the two of them walk way ahead of me with the excuse that I was shooting them as they walked. I stayed back and watched and hoped what was going on was a proposal, and it was! Selena backed away from Jeremiah with her hands to her face in excitement and I knew that he asked her those very special words. I am so happy for the two of them and even more happy for Selena. She is so deserving of a great man, beautiful wedding and a happily ever after.


Jaime & Michael

I met Jaime and her son Michael a few Saturdays ago to do some pictures in the Iris Garden. Michael is 2 years old and such a cute boy. Like all 2 year olds he moved A LOT! Good thing there are fast shutter speeds. Anyway, I've posted some of my faves from the shoot.

Thanks Jaime for letting me take photos of your handsome guy.


This was his 'angry' face :)

I asked him to show me the Elmo on his shoe...I got this :P

Another quickie post!

I will get around to doing a complete post eventually, but for now here's another 'one pic'er' of a shoot I did last night with musician Tristin Burke. She's very photogenic even though she would probably disagree :) More to come later...

Danielle sneak peek!

Today I had the joy of photographing Danielle again. We went downtown this time and just had fun tooling around and finding some great spots to shoot. We had a makeup artist, Sarah King, on hand this time and she did a wonderful job. (If you'd like to contact Sarah just let me know and I'll pass on her info). I wanted to post one image since I haven't blogged in several days. I have a few other items to post, but those will have to wait for now.


Family pictures in the Iris Garden

You might recognize the man in this picture. I recently took pictures of him for his up-and-coming website. I had the pleasure of getting to photograph his family a few weeks back. He and his wife have a beautiful 9 month old daughter that's just adorable in pictures. The picture below was taken at the Iris Garden here in Nashville. It's a great place for photos, but the heat was a lot to tolerate that day. We continued our session this past Saturday at their home and the baby was a LOT happier :) She's a mover and shaker with no fear! For some of the photos, we had her on a day bed and she kept crawling right off the edge with a big smile on her face. Of course mom was always there to catch her.

It's been great getting to photograph this very photogenic family.



This past weekend I visited my wonderful friend in Colorado. She actually lives in Conifer which is this gorgeous place in the mountains. Her fiancé and her live in this cozy cabin in the woods with their dogbeast Ini and their hairy snake, Tux. This trip for me was the first time I've ever been away from Esmé. The kid is 15 months old and I've never left her overnight. Yikes! All turned out well though. Three of her 4 grandparents came into town to watch her. Yes, it took a team of 3 people to watch our child.

During our stay, my friend got engaged! I was actually shooting some 'couples' photos of them at Red Rocks and then her then-boyfriend proposed. I was blessed to catch it on my camera. Needless to say, we HAD to go wedding dress shopping. Also, we watched a Rockies game and then visited Casa Bonita! If you've never watched the South Park episode where Cartman goes to Casa Bonita you must! Anyway, this place is just plain weird. It leaves you with this strange feeling that something isn't right about the joint. They sell Mexican food, but have divers inside that dress as pirates, cops & robbers, etc. The menu even has a western WANTED poster feeling. I don't know. Just strange.

All in all, the trip was wonderful. It was a nice break from the daily routine and the scenery is just beautiful. Here are a few snapshots taken with random cameras.

They're engaged!

The beautiful ring..

Ini the dogbeast

Tux, the hairy snake

The Rockies..of course they lost to the Astros

Casa Bonita! More sopapillas please!