This past weekend I visited my wonderful friend in Colorado. She actually lives in Conifer which is this gorgeous place in the mountains. Her fiancé and her live in this cozy cabin in the woods with their dogbeast Ini and their hairy snake, Tux. This trip for me was the first time I've ever been away from Esmé. The kid is 15 months old and I've never left her overnight. Yikes! All turned out well though. Three of her 4 grandparents came into town to watch her. Yes, it took a team of 3 people to watch our child.

During our stay, my friend got engaged! I was actually shooting some 'couples' photos of them at Red Rocks and then her then-boyfriend proposed. I was blessed to catch it on my camera. Needless to say, we HAD to go wedding dress shopping. Also, we watched a Rockies game and then visited Casa Bonita! If you've never watched the South Park episode where Cartman goes to Casa Bonita you must! Anyway, this place is just plain weird. It leaves you with this strange feeling that something isn't right about the joint. They sell Mexican food, but have divers inside that dress as pirates, cops & robbers, etc. The menu even has a western WANTED poster feeling. I don't know. Just strange.

All in all, the trip was wonderful. It was a nice break from the daily routine and the scenery is just beautiful. Here are a few snapshots taken with random cameras.

They're engaged!

The beautiful ring..

Ini the dogbeast

Tux, the hairy snake

The Rockies..of course they lost to the Astros

Casa Bonita! More sopapillas please!


aerorunnergirl said...

Yay! Pictures from Colorado! You should definitely post the one of me and you at the Rockies game, dude.

kristi_b said...

Yay for Selena! I'm glad you were there to get pics, you awesome photographer you! I told her I was jealous of your trip to Casa Bonita too. The one in Tulsa, OK was my FAVE place to eat while visiting my grandparents when I was little.