The Pumpkin Farm 2008

A couple of weekends ago Randy, Esmé, and I went to the local pumpkin farm since that seems what most people around here do during October. Unlike most people at the farm, though, we did not purchase a pumpkin. Randy and I are not the handy type of people and carving a pumpkin would be just a little too 'handy'. Also, at the 'Pumpkin Farm' it appeared that the pumpkins were actually IMPORTED in to the farm. Something about that just doesn't seem right.

Well anyway, despite our lack of being able to carve an imported pumpkin we still had a great time. Esmé was adorable in her overalls and enjoyed some McDonald's french fries at the end of the trip. She also loved getting to hang out with her cousin Ali for a while.

Busy Bee

I have been quite busy lately either assisting with weddings or doing engagement and family portrait sessions. I need to do some serious blogging, but just haven't had the time lately. The weather has turned colder and sends me to my warm bed much earlier. I wanted to post 'something' so here I go again with another entry of 'Things To Come'.

The Pumpkin Patch!

10-18-08 Wedding

Erica & Johnny

10-25-08 HUGE Wedding

The Simpson Family

Ashley & Rodney - Wedding

On Saturday September 27th I assisted Krystal from Mint & Sage Photography for another beautiful wedding. I mostly captured detail shots (which I love!) throughout the day. The wedding was held at Cedarwood, which is a gorgeous place for weddings. Ashley and Rodney are such a cute pair and had smiles on their faces the whole day long.

Erica, Johnny, & Cameron

Recently I took some family/engagement photos of Erica and Johnny (along with Cameron of course). Erica and Johnny are engaged, but won't be getting married until 2010. That's forever from now, right?!! Well, Johnny is in the Army and is being shipped out to Afghanistan in December for a whole year. My heart really breaks for Erica and Cameron. I couldn't imagine being without Randy for a whole year. Fortunately, Erica has a great support system here at home to help her while Johnny's gone.

Thank you, Johnny, for serving our country selflessly.

I must also mention that Cameron is a 27-pounder and just under a year old! He's a big boy alright, and oh so squeezable.

Brittany's Bridal Portraits

Brittany and Lee were married on Saturday in Humboldt, Tennessee and from what I hear it was a very nice wedding. By the way, Lee is my cousin on my Dad's side. Having a small child and all I've resigned to the fact that being home is the best place for us. Because of this, we missed the wedding AND my niece Sarah's juvenile diabetes walk in Memphis. She was the ambassador this year!!!

Ok, back to Brittany!! I'm so happy to finally be able to post these pictures of her. I had to wait until the wedding so that Lee wouldn't see her in her dress! On with the photos...

I simply adored these shoes...