Melanie & Craig - Engaged!

Melanie & Craig have been engaged for a little while now actually. I'm shooting their wedding on December 13 and very excited! When I arrived for the session I found them sitting on a bench, bundled in their coats and sipping Panera Bread coffee to keep warm. (I think they really like Panera Bread :) I asked them if they had ever had professional photos taken before and they informed me that they hadn't. They only seemed a tad nervous about the whole thing. I assured them that we would have some fun! I guess as much fun as you can have walking the streets of downtown in the freezing cold. Needless to say the coffee didn't stay warm long. The pictures turned out beautiful, you'd never know they haven't had professional pictures before. And I must say that Melanie's eyes were FIERCE!

I must also add quickly that at the end of their shoot I managed to injure my left knee. Turns out I have a large bucket handle tear in my lateral meniscus (aka ripped my knee cartilage). The doc says that a bucket handle tear on the lateral (outer side of knee) meniscus is very rare. Leave it to me to do something like that. I can only be upset with myself. I would have preferred someone had kicked me in the knee so I could at least blame it on them. Oh well. I'm having surgery this Friday to correct the issue. The doc left me with two choices on how best to correct the problem. That's better left for another post. Hopefully I'm making the right choice.

Anyway! Enjoy their photos,


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Amber said...

I'm thinking about you today Emily!! Hope this fixes your knee right up!