Love is in the Air Bridal Fair TODAY!

94FM The Fish will be having its 6th annual Love is in the Air Bridal Fair at Opry Mills today from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm, with free admission.

I will be one of the exhibitors and would love for everyone to come by and talk with me. I will be setup on the same side as Tony Roma's. I will have sample albums and photographs on display, and I'll be available for any questions you all might have.

I hope to see you there!


Esmé lately

I haven't blogged lately about Esmé. She's growing so fast and it's bitter sweet. I love to watch everything about her growing up and at the same time I want time to stand still for a while. I'm such a sap and can't help myself from tears welling up every time I think about her becoming a teenager and going off to college. The thought just tugs so hard at my heart like I'm losing her somehow. I know that's not really what is happening, but I just want to hold on to her forever.

Anyway, enough of my sappy post. Here are some images lately that I've captured of the beautiful little girl. Esmé is a very strong-willed girl and is certainly developing a unique personality. In the photos below she decided that she HAD to have her jacket and hat on. Who am I to argue? It was cute!!!

Watching cookies bake

Lettin' loose

Watching Blue's Clues

Chillaxin' with some measuring spoons

Spending time with her Auntie Shelly

Glynda & Aaron Married at St. Edwards

Saturday came and I couldn't wait to get started. Glynda and Aaron were getting married that day and the weather was beautiful, mostly (the rain tried to rear its ugly head a few times). Glynda and her sister, Jaime, started their day by getting their hair done at the Paul Mitchell School in Antioch. I had no idea this place even existed! I will be going there the next time my hair sees a pair of scissors (don't hold your breath).

The ceremony was beautiful and you could really see the love that Aaron and Glynda have for one another. I felt honored to be their wedding photographer and to share in their very special day.

Photography and kids

So, I am a loyal reader of the comic strip What The Duck by Aaron Johnson. If you're a photographer then you absolutely MUST be reading this strip. Today's comic was too relevant for me not to post it so here it is. This couldn't be more true for me most nights. Since I am a stay at home mom with Esmé I have to do all of my work while she's in Mother's Day Out twice a week and when she finally goes to bed at night. The problem is that I'm not a night time person so once Esmé goes to bed I only have a few short hours of worthwhile brain activity. After that I'm so pooped and exhausted from the day that my brain has checked out. This is when I retire to the bedroom to start the sleep process with a few episodes of Family Guy. [Yes, I have all 6 seasons due to a husband that feeds my addiction:), thanks sweetie!]

Ok, so on to the strip!