Photography and kids

So, I am a loyal reader of the comic strip What The Duck by Aaron Johnson. If you're a photographer then you absolutely MUST be reading this strip. Today's comic was too relevant for me not to post it so here it is. This couldn't be more true for me most nights. Since I am a stay at home mom with Esmé I have to do all of my work while she's in Mother's Day Out twice a week and when she finally goes to bed at night. The problem is that I'm not a night time person so once Esmé goes to bed I only have a few short hours of worthwhile brain activity. After that I'm so pooped and exhausted from the day that my brain has checked out. This is when I retire to the bedroom to start the sleep process with a few episodes of Family Guy. [Yes, I have all 6 seasons due to a husband that feeds my addiction:), thanks sweetie!]

Ok, so on to the strip!


Crystal said...

Catching up on older posts I came across this one and I just had to say that I can totally relate! :)

Emily T Photography said...

I know, right!!! I couldn't imagine two boys! :)