Finnegan just keeps growing!

Finn turned one at the end of January and boy has he grown. I've been blessed to have photographed him around 2 months old and again at 6 months old. He can really move and shake these days. So much so that I could hardly get a sharp picture of the little guy :) We went downtown to Mulligan's Pub on 2nd avenue since that is where his parents (ok, his dad really) love to hang out. Finn's dad is an irishman living in an italian's body. Yes, he has heritage from both sides, but you'd never know it from just looking at him! Finn has taken on a more irish look, I'd say :) Can you believe Finn has a baby kilt? Who knew they made those things anyway. Of course he was adorable in his outfit and seemed to quite enjoy the draft :P


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Amber said...

Love these Emily! That baby kilt is too cute!