Aubry & Emmett - Married! :Sneak Peek:

Official blog post to come later. Congratulations Emmett and Aubry!

Danielle & JR - Engaged! :Sneak Peek:

Danielle and JR wanted an 'outdoorsy' atmosphere for their engagement session and I think we got just that. We meandered through Percy Warner park stopping along the way when we found cool spots for pictures. It was good fun :)

Chips Are Not a Staple

Nor is Coca-Cola Classic. This has been my mantra the past few weeks as I'm trying to shed some pounds for my best friend's wedding in June. The link below shows you the dress that we're wearing.

Click here to see the dress

The dress is beautiful, is cotton-sateen, and HAS POCKETS! Hello!!!! I'm sold. A few problems. There's no fabric from the knees down and from the chest up. Yep. So! I'll be showing off my battle wounds from my knee surgery. (The doc said that the scars should turn flesh colored about 6 months out...I'm not surprised my skin is stubborn like the rest of me). Back to my mantra.

I have spent many months enjoying soda and potato chips and pretty much any thing else I wanted to eat/drink. Even while 'dieting' I would just purchase Coke Zero and fat free chips. I figured if I was going to stick to the diet I would need to eat a few things that made me happy. Well, I've come to realize that I have a problem. When I have coke in the house it's all I drink! I can go the whole day and only realize at night that I've had no water. If chips are in the house then I manage to eat them with EVERY meal! I'm not the kind that needs true breakfast foods for breakfast.

So, I have decided to put an end to my coke/chip love affair. As I suspected I'm the only one in the relationship that's hurting :( For several weeks now I have grocery shopped many times and have kept myself from buying the first bottle of coke or bag o' chips. No congratulations yet please. I must confess that despite my attempts at removing coke from my diet...McDonalds decided to offer any size soft drink for $1! I was quickly sucked into this $1 deal and have made many trips through the drive thru for a quick fix ("large coke with no ice please").

*UPDATE* I no longer go through the Mickey D's drive thru for sooooda :P

I am also working out at the fitness center at a local church and it's great! Since I've had knee surgery I have to stick to bikes and elliptical machines, which I love both! Well, I don't really 'love' them, they're just two machines that are a WAY better alternative to a lousy treadmill. I digress. I'm making a plan of working out at least 3 times a week even if it means I don't get to have dinner with Randy or have to leave the house as soon as he returns home from work. The only way I'll lose some weight is if I start making some sacrifices.....starting with chips and coke, you know, the staples.

And what post is complete without a picture? This photo was taken by Amber & John of Lotus Blossom Photography, an awesome husband/wife photography team who are super swell people. John is running a marathon here in Nashville this weekend. Go John!!

Amber & John - Downtown Nashville

I wanted to post more pictures from Amber and John's session several weekends ago. I just love Amber's smile and laugh. When this girl laughs....she LAUGHS! It's great! And very infectious :) You might have no idea what she's laughing about, but you just want to laugh with her!

This pictures sole purpose was to show off the awesome orange dinosaur that someone painted on this random wall!

John is going to hate me for posting this, but I just couldn't resist.

Amber & John: just because - sneak peek

Ok, not really just because. Amber wanted some updated photos of her and John for their website, Amber and John are a cool husband and wife wedding photography team here in Nashville. When they asked me to take their pictures I was honored. Shooting another photographer made me a little nervous, but all went well despite John's resistance to being on the other side of the camera :) He must really love Amber because he whined and complained the WHOLE time! :P Ok, not the whole time, just the first hour and last 30 minutes of our hour and a half session....HA!

Gotta love Photoshop

Yes, Photoshop has its wonderful qualities, but it has also brought along the phrase, "Can you photoshop that?" I'm sure every photographer (pro or hobbyist) has heard this phrase before. Todays What the Duck comic strip is HEE-Larious!