Amber & John - Downtown Nashville

I wanted to post more pictures from Amber and John's session several weekends ago. I just love Amber's smile and laugh. When this girl laughs....she LAUGHS! It's great! And very infectious :) You might have no idea what she's laughing about, but you just want to laugh with her!

This pictures sole purpose was to show off the awesome orange dinosaur that someone painted on this random wall!

John is going to hate me for posting this, but I just couldn't resist.


kristi_b said...

Love these. Especially the one where she has her foot kicked up in the air (#9-ish?) and the very last one. So sweet. Great setting too!

Amber said...

Ok I have no idea how I missed this one for so long!! I LOVE that you posted John giving me the butt. LOLOL!! Thanks again so much Emily!! You rock!