Flash Photography Workshop with Neil van Niekerk

On May 12th I attended an awesome full day workshop with Neil van Niekerk who specializes in on-camera flash photography. Check out his website and you'll see just how awesome this guy is and how much he knows. I had a great time meeting some fellow photographers and learning some new lighting techniques. We also worked with using our flashes with softboxes to create some great images with little equipment fuss.

Beware: Photographer speak up ahead - Because of this workshop I also have started using gels on my flash guns which give a more accurate color balance on the image. A flash emits a temperature of about 5400 degrees kelvin which is a cooler temperature compared to tungsten lighting which is what you will usually see at a reception (ballroom, etc). So when you use your flash to help fill in shadows on your subject the subject takes on a blue cast while the rest of your background has a tungsten cast. But, if you gel the flash then your subject and background will more closely match. Below is a perfect example from a wedding on Saturday that I assisted on with Krystal from Mint and Sage Photographic Artists. (Pay no attention to the quality of the images....I was getting my exposure set for the big send off). The first image is without the gel and the second image is with the gel.

And some images from the workshop.

Neil in action.

Chuck Arlund being uber cool. Don't shoot me Chuck for posting this.

Loved the shadow on this shot.

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