Mary Beth & Chris :Married:

Mary Beth and Chris were married at Tap Root Farm in Franklin, TN. The farm had beautiful views just perfect for a wedding. Congrats you two and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon! Oh, I also decided to make this an almost completely black and white post.

Mary Beth was passed a card from her soon to be husband and apparently it was a very sweet one :)


Amber said...

Beautiful work as always Emily! I'm really digging the B&W and I love the new blog header!!

Liz and David said...

Emily as Mom of the bride I have now seen all of your work and I can't be more pleased. You have done an incredible job and Chris and MB were so excited to give us a private showing of the DVD at the end of July when we went to Knoxville together no one else saw them but Leisa, me, and David so seeing them online now is a real treat. I am very grateful for all your hard work the pictures are just perfect! Thank you so much for everything and please feel free to contact me I will do whatever I can just let me know. Fondly, Liz Hurst