Where in the world is Esmé?

Well, she's here alright, but has a lazy no good mother apparently :P I haven't posted any pictures of Esmé in quite some time. I think it's about time. She's two now and has the whole talking thing going on. In fact, I'm typing this as she sits in her crib refusing to go to sleep and talking to her toys. I will share some of the cute things she's saying these days.

* An episode of Mickey Mouse shows Goofy as a baby...she refers to him as Baby Goopy.
* a snack is a knack and mostly means she wants Goldfish crackers
* a 'grady' is a popsicle??
* yo-yo is a Gogurt yogurt stick
* Ri-ri's (as in rye) are french fries..yes we feed our child french fries! :P

Anyway! On to some photos.

scrambled eggs for breakfast are always better in a diaper box, don't you agree?

The look I get when shoving a camera in her face these days.


GrayPhotography - Zach and Jody said...

hey girl! So glad you got to come to PUG last night! BTW-love your logo and colors that you have for your site/blog! Blessings, JG

kristi_b said...

So sweet! You guys were in a dream I had the other day, actually. :) You, me, Emily V & Selena were hanging out at your house, and I was holding Esme as she tried to feed me her mashed potatoes. Weird, but cute. haha.

aerorunnergirl said...

Oh, these are adorable pictures! I still can't believe she's two!

Artessa Photography said...

So cute! I love the photos!

Amber said...

YAAAAAAY for new Esme pics!!! I never get enough of those!!

Krista Lee said...

What a cutie!