Morgan & Edward :Engaged:

So to continue my post from the other day, here are more images of Morgan and Edward's engagement session downtown Nashville. We had to hold off for the rain to stop and I believed for a second that it was not ever going to, but it did! We had a great session and got some great images!

Rainy Engagement Session

Just a sneak peek of today's engagement session with Morgan and Edward. They were total troopers! More on that later :)

The Houston/Austin Weekend

The fam traveled to Houston this past weekend to visit with Randy's parents. Esmé has not traveled by plane in a while and we were anxious to know how stressful it would be. The most frustrating part about the plane ride was that Esmé was forced to sit in her own seat with her seatbelt buckled during takeoff and landing. A 2-year old does not appreciate being tied down. We arrived in Houston only to be smacked in the face with even more humidity and heat than TN. The food frenzy began almost immediately.

Houston has an awesome china town and when we visit it's all we can do to not eat there every day. While in Houston we ate at a Malaysian/Indonesian restaurant, dim sum, and an awesome chinese place. Yum Yum! During the trip, Randy and I planned a one night trip to Austin to see some friends and to do a trial run of us leaving Esmé with her grandparents while Randy and I visit Seattle in December (hopefully). We set out for Austin Friday morning in my father-in-law's Prius, which I drove. Here's a quick review:

Roomy, quiet car that you just feel good driving. 'Booting up' the car is interesting as is the gear shift. We drove over 450 miles before ever needing to fill up again. The horsepower on takeoff can be a little slow, but there is a power boost button (think Mario Kart, ok not really) that's helpful for places like the interstate (or in Houston the Beltway).

Once in Austin we relaxed in our hotel room until dinner time at Jovitas with some friends. An Austin blues band was playing some good tunes, but unfortunately too loud to have proper conversation with friends. As the night went on it was very difficult to not text my in-laws every 5 minutes to check in on Esmé. Though she was fine the whole time it was hard to not worry about her anyway.

After some breakfast Migas and Amy's Icecream on Saturday, we headed back to Austin in the Prius. One more date night and a dim sum later we were headed back to Nashville. Esmé had a great time with her grandparents since they pretty much let her do whatever she wanted. They did take her to the children's museum in Houston, but she was a little too shy to jump in and play with all of the other kids. Hopefully she'll get past all that as she gets older.

I don't really have any photos from this trip to show, but I will post a cute one of Esmé in her tutu yesterday. We were headed to the grocery store and she insisted on wearing this to Wal-mart.